Bucher Emhart Glass launched its ‘Stronger together’ philosophy at a two-day customer event to mark the opening of its Leipzig office.

‘Stronger together’ - building on the recent launch of End-to-End, which ‘closes the loop’ between the hot end and cold end container glass processes - will see Emhart focus on working even closer with customers.

It will also see the company integrate its glass forming and business functions to be more powerful, and combine its customer-facing teams to offer better service.

The event featured presentations on Emhart’s vision and strategies, together with equipment demonstrations, and most importantly, discussion forums to understand customers’ points of view and the challenges they may face.

Martin Jetter, Emhart Glass President, said: "End-to-End is an industry-first. We have given a unique vision to truly unite hot end and cold end to provide previously untapped benefits and profits. And now we are building on it by becoming ‘stronger together’.”

Matthias Kümmerle, Vice President, Technology, said: “The fact is, we now don’t think of hot end or cold end only, but of End-to-End.

"Through our innovative systems, glass plants will be able to automatically react to data, enabling them to achieve greater performance, efficiency and profitability.”

Werner Gessner, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, added: “The philosophy of ‘stronger together’ has focused our business and will result in greater collaboration with our customers’.

"At our Leipzig event we have shown that with End-to-End we will offer unrivalled support in training, line optimization and the sharing of knowledge.”