Emmeti has merged with Mectra, Sipac and Logik to create the EMS Group.

The supplier has partnered up with Xenon Private Equity, a Luxembourg-based investment fund, to create EMS Group at the end of 2018.

Its aim was to re launch the market presence of industrial firms, starting from a common expansion strategy supported by an ambitious plan of acquisitions.

The EMS Group includes 290 employees, a revenue of more than €130 million in 2018 marked by a strong export drive (75% turnover) and 25% of production for its Italian customers.

The top managers at Emmeti, Mectra, Sipac and Logik have remained to safeguard continuity of operations and productivity. Giovanni Ronconi (Chairman and Managing Director at Mectra) has been appointed CEO of the EMS Group. Corrado Azzali (Chairman and Managing Director at Sipac) will be appointed will be appointed COO of EMS and Paolo Biondi will be Sales Director of the group. The engineers, technical team and further employees who worked at the four firms have been confirmed.

International forecasts for the industry indicate an annual growth of 6%. EMS Group will aim to reach and exceed a turnover worth €200 million in the short term, with more than 350 collaborators and a wide and competitive product range capable of meeting the growing demand for complete lines.

The EMS Group will design, produce and fit complete lines for the glassmaking industry (hollow glass), transportation lines and systems for the palletisation/depalletisation used in the PET/HDPE container industry and bottling plants, box manufacturers and the food and pet food industries, with advanced solutions for the chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

Pictured: The new EMS logo