EMS Group has developed a system for the automatic removal of pallet packaging, called Easyrock, which optimises the production process while increasing factory safety.

Easyrock is EMS Group’s robotic unwrapping system for the automatic removal of shrink film from loading units of hollow glass, intended for subsequent depalletising.

The use of a robot keeps maintenance costs low while enabling production rates of 15 to 60 load units per hour, with an option to increase output to achieve 90 load units per hour.

It also increases the overall safety of the working environment by avoiding the risks that come with manual film removal.

Easyrock utilises a motorised rotating blade cutting system that ensures the integrity of the product and layer pads.

It also focuses on sustainability by reducing the use of heating elements or hot air blowers to cut the film, which substantially decreases energy consumption.

The patent pending, multifunction head is the system’s core as it can manage film pick, cut, and removal in a single station.

Easyrock also has the flexibility to only perform the film cutting cycle in the upper part of the load if the shrink film is determined to be damaged in the lower part of the pallet.

This prevents the load unit from being rejected and the operator can then safely complete film cutting and removal.

Easyrock’s small footprint design also provides easy access for machine reset and cleaning operations.