EMS Group has announced the acquisition of Zecchetti SRL.

The announcement comes just a few days before the Cibus Tec trade show in Parma, where the companies of the EMS Group will be exhibiting together with a new coordinated image to confirm the merger.

Alongside Zecchetti, the Group also includes four brands of the Emilian “packaging valley”.

Emmeti and Mectra are based in Montecchio Emilia, where the headquarters of the group are located, while Sipac and Logik are in Fontevivo.

The acquisition of Zecchetti, above all, results in a global expansion of the customer base, particularly in the USA, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

Zecchetti is located 500 metres from the headquarters of the EMS Group, and was, until now, the Group’s strongest competitor, with the best performance in terms of growth in the cold end of the glass sector, thanks to a highly aggressive commercial strategy.

Giovanni Ronconi, President of EMS Group, said: “Growth will enable us to become market leader in the cold end of glassworks, expanding our range of products, technologies and services for our clients.”

The merger means a growth in turnover of €130-200 million, and an increases in the number of employees from 290 to 400.