Encirc’s award-winning Academy will now become the Vidrala Academy.

Following a three year period of growth and success, the provider of industry training and consultancy services will adopt the name of the parent company, Vidrala, to reflect its global reach and its current eight sites.

Originally started as a business unit in Encirc, the Encirc Academy was founded in 2014 as a response to demand from other glass container businesses for training on how to achieve increased operational productivity and efficiency.

The Vidrala Academy’s members today provide support internally within the group and travel the globe, supporting the global glass sector in sharing the best ways of working to achieve manufacturing excellence.

The Academy’s name change has been chosen to accurately reflect its global presence, taking advantage of Vidrala’s international influence. The refresh will also ensure that Vidrala sites across Europe can capitalise on the knowledge-sharing scheme.

Under the new banner, the Vidrala Academy will continue to offer technical assistance agreements and training for container glassmakers around the world.

Rob Healy, general manager of the Vidrala Academy, said: “Over the last few years, our team of experts has been working tirelessly to instill best practice in container glass manufacturing worldwide.

"This relaunch helps introduce the Academy to a wider audience of manufacturers, as well as bringing in a greater depth of expertise from other Vidrala businesses.

“Our end-goal is to help our partners maximise efficiency in their plants and the quality of their final products, leading to cost savings and more sustainability across the sector.”

More information from www.encirc-academy.com/