Ramsey engineers have developed special side links that make connecting Sentry chains considerably quicker and easier.

As you can see from Figure 1 (Top pic), the aperture in the link is circular and completely open. This is what makes it possible for the pins to easily slide in and out. A washer is then positioned to hold the pins in place.

As is evident in Figure 2 (below), the centre of the link is the same depth as a standard Wear Protected link.

Fig 2

However, the sides of the link are narrower to allow space for the washers without making the overall depth of the link too thick.

This special link is attached to one end of the Sentry 2-Pin chain for easy hook-up.

The rest of the side links on the chain are Ramsey’s wear protected links.

This design allows for Sentry chain to run in direct contact with lateral guides and remain immune to the pin head wear that destroys conveying chains, all while providing easy connection.

Contact Ramsey to learn more about their Sentry 2-Pin line of conveying chains.