Emhart Glass has introduced three safety enhancements that have been made standard across all its IS machines to improve the safety of operators.

All new IS and AIS machines are now supplied with Blow Mold & Blow Head Interlock technology, the new cycle for glass removal, and safety flaps for the blow-side manual overrides on the 26-line Electro Pneumatic Valve Block (EPVB).

The new Blow Mold & Blow Head Interlock technology (patent pending) is a pneumatic shut-off valve that cuts the pilot air to the valves so that the blow molds and blow head remain safely deactivated while the blow-side operator is carrying out maintenance.

As well as delivering safer blow-side operation, Blow Mold & Blow Head Interlock also ensures there is a clear distinction between operation modes. It replaces the old mushroom-type P-Snap valves. Special cycle mode deactivates valves and servos. Using the special cycle and the Blow Mold & Blow Head Interlock, operators no longer need to match a specific time window, since the special cycle synchronizes automatically. They can also stay standing in a stable position and concentrate on the task at hand; previously, they would have to operate P-Snap switches with their feet while removing glass.

Finally, the 26-Line EPVB on the blank side is now installed with safety flaps that prevent the operator accidentally activating the manual overrides while maintenance is being carried out. With the safety flaps in place, blow-side override events such as mould open/close (MOC) and blowhead notifies the operator and require a two-handed operation on the blank side. The safety flaps for the EVPB is possible to retrofit on existing EPVB valve blocks.