Owens-Illinois’s (O-I) European president Erik Bouts has said its multi-million investments in the region will continue this year.

Speaking exclusively to Glass International, Mr. Bouts said the company will match the €140 million it spent on its operations in 2013 and will spend a similar amount in years to come.

In an interview in the March issue of Glass International, Mr. Bouts admits that innovation will also be crucial in ensuring the relevance of glass as a packaging material. This is why the company teamed up with Amorim, one of the biggest manufacturers of cork stoppers, to launch a cork that does not need a corkscrew.

The Helix cork and bottle allows drinkers to twist open and close the wine bottle, without the need for a corkscrew.

“You need partnerships to drive this industry forward,” said Mr. Bouts. “Helix is a genuine innovation in the wine packaging world and there haven’t been too many.”