According to FEVE statistics, production data for container glass shows a general positive trend in most of the European countries for the first half year of 2014.

Total production volume has increased by 1.2% across the European Union (EU27) in the first half year, with 120KTons more produced than in HY1 2013.

The positive trend is reflected in some of the major markets: France (0.3%); Germany (2.4%); Spain (2.5%); and the United Kingdom (2.8%).

Data for Poland shows an impressive rise of 10%, while Portugal has dipped at -1.5%.

Production in Italy has declined by -5%, offsetting the positive pace of previous months.

A positive growth of 3.9% is recorded in the north and central regions of Europe, and a rise of 4.3% is recorded in the south and east regions.

Turkey’s production rate has dropped by -9.7% in contrast to to the growth of the previous years.