F.I.C. (UK) has established a new sales and technical support office in Germany due to increased demand for its products in Europe and around the globe.

F.I.C. Germany will be led by Managing Director Mr. Christoph Jatzwauk.

Mr. Jatzwauk has more than 25 years of experience with the design, construction and optimisation of all types of glass furnaces and sizes, as well has hands-on experience working for almost two years at BSN Glasspack in Budenheim.

Mr. Stuart Hakes, Chief Executive of F.I.C. (UK) Limited said: “We believe the addition of Christoph to our team allows us to respond more rapidly to customer demand in mainland Europe and around the globe, particularly for our electric boosting systems, for both conventional requirements and the realisation that Hybrid Super-boosting is an aid to reduction in emissions, as well a new generation of all-electric melting.

“The expertise Christoph brings will keep us as number 1 with regard to development of environmental friendly partial and full electric melting know-how. We see a growth in demand in electric melting, using renewable resources to generate the electricity as one of the most efficient way to reduce the CO2 footprint”.

F.I.C. (UK) Limited is a 100% daughter company of the Czech based Glass Service (GS) with joint focus on furnace optimisation and improvements by its Glass Furnace Modeling simulation package and Expert System ESIII furnace control.