Fenzi and Tecglass products won over visitors at the Chinese glass exhibition, with the sale of an ultra high-performance digital printer for glass.

The sale is the first after Spain’s Tecglass joined the Fenzi group.

China Glass was an opportunity for Fenzi and Tecglass to seal their close working partnership.

Fenzi is a leader in chemicals for secondary flat glass processing, and Tecglass is a producer of high-tech machinery and components for digital printing on glass.

Tecglass was at the Fenzi stand in Shanghai with a live demonstration of the colour and quality of its digital printing technology applied to glass on the stand walls, giving an example of the potential of this high precision application.

The Vitro-Jet ST XY technology provides solid- and multi-colour printing resolution, permanent adhesion to glass, simultaneous printing and drying on large-sized glass sheets measuring up to 3.300 x 18.000mm for outdoor applications.

It was sold at China Glass to Mexican company Megaluminio, which produces tempered, laminated and insulating glass.

Designed to be incorporated in a production line or as a fully automated stand-alone digital machine, Vitro-Jet ST XY is ideal for producing SSG facades in avant-garde buildings and for meeting the most demanding needs of designers and architectural practices.

Fenzi CEO, Alessandro Fenzi, commnted: “Our search for innovative breakthroughs led us to invest in an ultra high-performance technology such as the one developed by Tecglass, which is in perfect sync with the high quality standards that Fenzi and Glass Alliance require for all products placed on the market”.

The consistent quality of the solutions it offers makes the Fenzi group a well-established, reliable partner in international markets such as Asia, where it has been working for more than 35 years.

“In these countries above all, quality, prompt service and the topmost customer attention, as well as ongoing innovation and research to develop new products that are ever closer to our clients’ needs have become more important than ever before.

“Our investment in Tecglass goes exactly in this direction”, confirmed Alessandro Fenzi.