Italian chemical specialist Fenzi will expand its technical services for the industry at its Glass Alliance Standards Centre.

The group will enhance its client support activities with dedicated teams and facilities at the testing centre, which is based at the group’s Italian headquarters in Milan.

The primary objective of the centre is to contribute, alongside the group’s research activities, to the growth of glass processers, glassworks, builders of architectural facades, architects, designers, and all of its partners engaged in certification procedures and complex projects.

The Glass Alliance Standards Centre serves glass professionals around the world, which includes serving clients through the R&D centres of its branches.

The Fenzi Group guides its partners through the standards process and tests required to obtain product certifications, interpreting regulatory requirements by the various international specifications bodies and assisting with and resolving technical issues faced by global players in the world of glass and construction.

With more than 80 years of glass industry experience, the group has acquired knowledge in international standards and technology applied to glass.

It has provided the technical support needed by its clients to evaluate and select the most suitable materials for specific purposes, with the added value of being recognised by major research and certification institutes.

At the group’s laboratories, the Glass Alliance Standards Centre has assembled an international interdisciplinary team of researchers, experts and specialised chemists that daily conduct a vast range of tests and – thanks in part to a network of partnerships with certification bodies and universities – functions as an observatory for constantly updated product standards and how these can be used.

In addition to its work as a testing facility, the centre performs additional tests not called for by European standards and the various protocols for voluntary marks.

This will provide manufacturers of insulating glass, laminated glass, decorative glass and heat-treated glass with access to an extremely competent support hub for initiating or completing mandatory certifications (CE marking), assistance in the acquisition of voluntary marks (eg: CEKAL, BSI, RAL, etc.), and in assessing individual needs (tests, procedures) based on regulatory specifications and specific customer demands.

The labs are equipped with advanced instrumentation that allows them to conduct tests on individual components of insulating glass and on IG systems as a whole.

The Fenzi Group will thus continue to support even stronger the Italian (UNI), European (CEN) and international (ISO) standards working groups.

It will also work even more closely with its own partners, to contribute to the growth of the global glass industry.