The Italian chemical specialist Fenzi introduces Multitech G, its latest-gen rigid spacer profile.

The new product is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer and is enhanced with a special, entirely metal-free and transparent multi-layer barrier. The Glass Alliance labs engineered it to have superior insulating ability, reduced heating costs and an exceedingly elegant design.

The spacer profile was developed by Alu Pro and Rolltech and is marketed around the world through the Glass Alliance Network.

Multitech G will ensure superior indoor comfort, excellent energy-efficiency and extremely low CO2 emissions.

Fenzi aims to show leadership in the development of warm edge technology for high-performance IG units and competitive linear thermal transmittance performance.

The multi-layer barrier is distinctively transparent, which makes it possible to maintain the original colour of the space profile on all sides. It is ideal for architectural design, which calls for insulating glass units with two or more cavities.

The Multitech G also uses bending machines and special automatic equipment or traditional corner keys, which means it has extremely competitive pricing and exceptional processing ease. It comes in all most widely-used thicknesses (from 8 to 24 mm) and several colours, including black, light grey, titanium grey and white.

Pictured: Multitech G