Fenzi Partecipazioni holding company has invested in Spanish digital glass processing group Tecglass.

The Spanish company produces digital glass printing machinery and components and strengthens the working partnership of the two companies, which have worked together for some time.

Tecglass has recently studied, developed and produced a range of digital printing machinery specifically for the glass industry.

The technology takes the place of traditional decorating methods and offers a simple, efficient tool for applying graphic motifs and photographs directly on glass: ceramic inks can be used on glass for indoor or outdoor use, on sheets of any size (from a minimum of 380x380 mm to a maximum of 3,300x18,000 mm), with a solution for any type of sector and application.

Companies and experts having an interest in this particular glass processing method will now have a new mix of services and products that meet the needs of designers, architects and developers in terms of aesthetic results and manufacturing capability.

Tecglass digital technology is now closer to glass processing companies worldwide and can count on the professionalism and solidity that have set the Fenzi Group apart for more than 75 years.