Ferro Corporation has bought laser-marking company TherMark for $5.5 million in cash.

TherMark is Ferro’s largest partner in the marketing of laser marking materials and also licenses technology to Ferro.

TherMark’s technology uses lasers to fuse marking materials to ceramics, glass and other hard surfaces.

The process creates high-contrast, high-resolution marks for purposes of decoration and identification purposes.

The formulated marking materials, supplied by Ferro, consist of glass-based ceramic glazing material and pigments, with the addition of a thermal absorber.

Laser marking is used in industries including awards and recognition, signage, medical and surgical instruments, manufacturing, home appliances and décor. The technology is increasingly being used as a solution for component tracking, quality control and anti-counterfeiting in the automotive, aerospace, and perfume and cosmetics industries.

Ferro Chairman, President and CEO, Peter Thomas, said: “Laser marking is a fast-growing, high-value niche industry and we believe we can capitalise on this opportunity by leveraging our presence in glass coatings to drive future growth.

“This purchase is another example of our intention to increase sales and profitability by expanding our technology positions in high-value glass and colour markets,” he added.