The Close the Glass Loop programme from FEVE will provide a stakeholder workshop on glass collection and recycling in Brussels on 22nd April.

The platform aims to increase the quantity and quality of available recycled glass, with the objective of collecting 90 per cent of all glass packaging placed on the EU market by 2030.

Platform partners currently include FEVE (European Container Glass Federation), FERVER (European Federation of Glass Recyclers), EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance) and individual EPR schemes such as DSD and CITEO.

Further partners are expected to join in the coming weeks.

At the workshop, a new study made by ACR+ and Eurocities will be revealed, presenting the municipal perspective on glass packaging collection.

In view of achieving higher and more ambitious recycling rates fostering strong ties with municipalities is said to be a key component to close the glass loop.

High-level speakers from the European institutions, as well as European, national and local stakeholders involved in glass collection & recycling will speak about:

  • Key drivers and opportunities for municipalities to favour source-separated glass collection systems;

  • Necessary policy choices on local, national and European level to reach ambitious targets on glass collection & recycling;

  • Priorities and action plans for the glass collection & recycling value chain to close the glass loop.

A detailed agenda will be circulated a month ahead of the meeting.

Participants can register via the following link.