Fives has commissioned an all-electric furnace for tableware and perfumery glassmaker Luigi Bormioli at its Parma, Italy site.

The 80 tonnes a day furnace is one of the deepest in the world at 3.7 metres and its expected lifetime is eight years.

Luigi Bormioli contacted Fives in 2015 for the enlargement of one of its existing electric furnaces. The cosmetics glass segment is one of the most demanding in terms of glass quality requirement. Fives was in charge of the design, engineering and commissioning of the furnace.

The cold top all-electric furnace, Prium E-melt CTVM, incorporates Fives’ latest design features that offer a specifically engineered furnace structure as well as a steelwork-integrated cooling system to improve glass melting/refining performances and reduce refractory wear rates.

The new design was developed following mathematic modeling sessions performed in partnership with CelSian Glass & Solar. The furnace was commissioned in October 2016.