German company Flachglas Wernberg has installed a Bystronic B’Jumbo insulating glass line.

The line enables the manufacturer to produce its Jumbo glazing with dimensions of 3210 x 6,000mm rapidly and at high quality.

The cooperation between the two companies started in the 1980s. This was when the former Lenhardt Maschinenbau (now Bystronic Lenhardt) company developed the first sealing robots.

Company founder Karl Lenhardt was not satisfied with the sealing quality until Flachglass Wernberg employees had provided decisive information necessary on the nozzle shaping, which resulted in a design still in use today.

The speed sealer sealing robot is used in the B’Jumbo insulating glass line that was installed a few weeks ago.

The B’Jumbo complements the existing plants at Flachglas Wernberg, enabling excellent quality and global orders to be manufactured.

“As an active global glass supplier, it is important that we are able to accommodate the wishes of our customers.

“Whether for certain packaging specifications of the installation system concerned, or for orders of bulletproof glass in an IG unit, with the B’Jumbo the implementation of this project is no problem whatsoever,” said Flachglas Wernberg Project Manager, Kai Klinger.

Flachglas Wenberg is a German glass processor loacated in the town of Wenberg. It has 600 staff and manufactures insulating glass, automotive glazing, laminated glass and toughened glass for use in facades, interiors and motor vehicles.

Pictured: Bystronic glass's B’Jumbo insulating glass line at Flachglas Wernberg