Adding embossing to a standard Beatson Clark beer bottle turned out to be the perfect solution for the Hurns Brewing Company when it was looking to increase sales of its Tomos Watkin brand of beers.

Beatson Clark can customise standard bottles by having a name or logo embossed on to the finish moulds, which is more cost-effective than investing in a fully bespoke design.

This was an option for the Swansea-based Hurns Brewing Company as it reduced the cost and meant the 500ml amber beer bottles would fit on their filling line with no adjustments required.

“We already use Beatson Clark’s standard 500ml Craft Beer bottles for some of our contract filling but for the Tomos Watkins range we wanted something a little different which would make the brand stand out from the competition,” said Connie Parry, CEO of the Hurns Brewing Company.

“For the embossing design we wanted to focus on the Welsh heritage of our brand, and after some discussions Beatson Clark’s designers took their inspiration from the three ostrich feathers in the emblem of the Prince of Wales.

Lynn Sidebottom, Sales and Marketing Director at Beatson Clark, explained: “Our sculpting software allows our designers to sculpt the embossing, giving it enhanced definition and making it easier to manufacture.

“We can create complex designs and replicate them perfectly in the finish moulds, which results in a quality and consistent production of the embossing.”