Glasstec 2022 promises to be as exciting as ever and Forglass – one of the leading engineering companies supplying technology, furnaces and batch plants – will add to the excitement by presenting not one, not two, but three brand-new technologies for the glass industry!

Positive comments received during the initial conversations with clients about these technologies indicate that they are, indeed, diametrically different from the current technologies in the areas, where they are applied.

Forglass CEO, Piotr Knast said: “We’re very happy with the reception our inventions and innovations have received thus far.

From the start, we set out to offer our clients solutions that are not only out-of-the-box, but that provide true value for them.”

This is the first principle of Forglass’ research and development, the others are:

ease of application (low risk)

economy, which ultimately determines applicability

synergy between the technologies Forglass develops

consistently challenging the barriers that for decades were thought to be unbreakable

The aim of this philosophy is two-fold: first, provide Forglass’ clients with a distinct advantage in the industry; and second, demonstrate that the company is about setting new directions, not just following old standards.

Even more important than the inventions themselves is Forglass’ ability to create them. “We’ve obviously just begun, but our track record clearly shows that we’re proceeding on this chosen path with agility”, said Knast.

This year’s Glasstec will provide an opportunity for people, who intend to shape the future of the glass industry to meet and share. Forglass will showcase their newest technologies in a mini-cinema, so come, relax and see for yourself! Hall 13, stand C-16.