Forglass has started a new project for AGC MOL Belgium.

The project calls for design and construction of a new cullet return line for the client’s float furnace.

There are several reasons why Forglass is an ideal partner for AGC MOL Belgium.

First of all, the project provides for a large number of hoppers, which must not only be fabricated of suitable steel, but also precisely designed for convenient handling within the facility and for easy delivery and assembly on site.

Forglass has the technologists to complete this part of the project in full.

The second aspect of the project involves equipment such as vibrating chutes, crushers and belt conveyors.

Forglass manufactures the equipment, so in conversations with the client it turned out that many of their gripes concerning the equipment’s functioning have already been solved by Forglass constructors.

Thirdly, all equipment will be assembled by a dedicated Forglass team, people who have extensive experience with the equipment and the methods of its installation in a glass factory.

During repairs, reconstructions or expansions, direct contact with the company that actually performs the work is important.

This reduces the risk of delays or failures, and personal relationships have a positive impact on the project.