The CEO of Forglass, Piotr Knast, gave his thoughts on the recent Glasstec show.

His company is barely 10 years old and has gained a reputation in the industry as a reliable partner to global glass producers, while competing with companies that have been around much longer.

Mr. Knast said: "I often find inspiration in other people’s thoughts, so in a way, I feel obliged to give something back.

"I’m still flying high from the tremendous energy of the back-to-back meetings with existing and potential clients, but what I want to share here is more personal.

"What I like most about my job as CEO is managing people and what I love about managing people is watching them grow.

"This year, our largest trade fair was prepared by the youngest generation of our employees.

"I watched a dozen or so of our young engineers talking with different clients at several tables throughout our stand and at the same time I was keenly aware of the fact that four large construction projects in different countries were being simultaneously carried out by our young technicians.

"I deeply admire you, dear youngsters, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you motivate me so powerfully. Yes – you motivate me!

"I have taken courses on how to motivate teams, but nobody told me that it would be me getting motivated. It’s wonderful!

"I’d like to thank our Director of Personnel Development, Beata Pastuszko for finding and guiding our young teams and my hat’s off to our older, experienced engineers, who are their teachers and mentors.

"Like me, you believe in people and work with them consistently to achieve desired results, which is not easy when project timelines are measured in years, not weeks."