Polish engineering group Forglass has committed €35,000 to a development programme for teenagers.

Despite the pandemic, the partners are hard at work on the third edition of LifePlan – a developmental programme for teenagers (12-16), based on the Pole Method developed by Marek Kamiński, a well-known Polish polar explorer and traveller.

In the programme, the participants formulate their goals and learn how to achieve them, build self-esteem and develop a winning attitude.

They also acquire new competences that realistically allow them to make better decisions and shape their lives.

Jasiek Mela, a disabled teenager, reached both the North and South Poles in one year with Marek Kamiński.

What he learned through that experience is now included in the 8-month LifePlan programme and does not require a costly polar expedition – for one teenager, the scholarship for the entire programme is only €2,600.

Forglass has committed €35,000 to the programme again this year. And thanks to campaigns like this, four more companies have joined LifePlan’s partners in 2020, committing an additional €25,000.

These partners made it possible for 25 teenagers to graduate from the programme in 2019 and another 25 in 2020 – that is 50 kids, who now, thanks to LifePlan, have a bright future.

The companies that have already joined Forglass and to whom the company is extremely grateful are:

  • Quest Change Managers – a business consultancy company
  • Stando – a company that specializes in transporting chocolate
  • Kofea – coffee producer
  • TEQUM – a company that designs large industrial facilities

Together with these companies, Forglass has decided to take responsibility for ensuring the financial stability that is necessary for the continuing development of LifePlan.

By relieving the Foundation from the pressure of looking for sponsors, we let them focus on what they do best – changing the lives of teenagers.

Forglass encourages other entrepreneurs to join this group of partners, who not only make a money transfer, but also willingly share knowledge and experience with young people, who need it most.

During the current pandemic, which necessitates limiting social contacts, different solutions are needed. Forglass is busy preparing a virtual version of the programme, so that participants can still experience the same learnings, as in a live programme.

Forglass invites you to sponsor at least one child every year – you will soon find out how much good the money has done. What’s important is not the amount, but the continuity and stability of funds, so that LifePlan programme can grow, just like we grow our companies.

If you want to join the group of partners or have a question or comment, write to: piotr.knast@forglass.eu.