Polish glass melting technology supplier Forglass has completed a project on a UK furnace.

Having completed a similar project for the same client recently, Forglass was once again chosen to raise the working end, waist and canal monorails of the furnace.

For this project, the total weight of the construction to be raised was well over 1000 tonnes.

The project included:

• Preparing complete technical documentation for the scope of the project

• Fabrication and installation of support structure

• Selection and installation of a synchronous hydraulic system

• Modification and reinforcement of existing structure

• Synchronised raising of the Working End

Forglass developed technical documentation, a model of the existing structures, drawings of supporting structures, calculations and necessary descriptions.

The hydraulic system used by Forglass is said to guarantee a smooth and safe lifting of the structure.

The pre-determined height of the raised structure will be confirmed at each of the control points.

As Forglass has its own fabrication facilities, it allows for great flexibility and agility in responding to clients’ needs.