Forglass has completed an unusual and demanding project for one of Europe’s largest float glass manufacturers.

The float glass producer needed to raise the complete refractory and steel construction of its working end in one piece to adapt it to a higher level of glass.

The working end area was about 150 square metres in size and the total weight of the construction to be raised was well over 1000 tons.

Forglass was chosen to complete the extraordinary project, the scope of which included:

Preparing complete technical documentation for the scope of the project.
Fabrication and installation of the support structure.
Selection and installation of a synchronous hydraulic system.
Modification and reinforcement of the existing structure.
Synchronised raising of the working end

The synchronous hydraulic system used by Forglass guaranteed a smooth and safe lifting of the entire structure.

The pre-determined height of the raised structure was confirmed at each of the 39 control points. Inspection of the refractory inside the working end did not reveal any faults in the structure.

Forglass developed technical documentation, a model of existing structures, drawings of supporting structures, calculations and necessary descriptions.

Forglass owns its fabrication facilities, which allows for more flexibility and agility in responding to clients’ needs – no matter how unusual or demanding.

The preparation work and the actual task were performed with a high level of health and safety standards and utmost care for quality – something Forglass is particularly known for.