Marek Kaminski, the Polish polar explorer and Guinness World Record holder, met at Forglass’s offices in Kraków, Poland as part of his Life Plan Expedition programme.

Mr Kaminski is the creator of the Life Plan Academy – a unique self-development programme, aimed at youth aged 14-17 who are at risk of social exclusion and may lack their communities’ support in their personal growth.

The latest instalment of this programme is Life Plan Expedition, which took place in June and was aimed at building psychological resilience in young people.

One of the first meetings of Life Plan Expedition took place in Kraków at the offices of Forglass.

The company is partnered with Life Plan Academy and has been supporting the organisation from the start.

Together with his travel companion, a robot named NOA, Mr Kaminski met with young students, as well as teachers, experts and parents. Especially important in those meetings were also children fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Forglass is extremely proud of its partnership with Marek Kaminski and Life Plan Academy. This program would not exist without its strategic partners and sponsors, and the more companies and organisations become involved, the better.

For more information on this initiative please visit or contact Marek Kaminski’s Foundation at +48 607 900 033 or