Forglass has joined Marek Kaminski’s Foundation in the quest to change the lives of teenagers, who are in difficult life situations due to chronic illness or a broken home.

Forglass committed to fund 25 scholarships worth €60, 000, which enabled the Foundation to launch Life Plan, a developmental scholarship programme based on the Pole Method, formed by Marek Kamiński, a Polish polar explorer and traveller.

During the programme, teens formulate their goals and learn how to achieve them. They have the opportunity to build self-esteem and the attitude of a conqueror.

Participants develop new competences that allow them to make decisions, which ultimately shape their lives.

Life Plan is a continuous programme with no set timeline. Its aim is to support 100 young people per year with scholarships worth €2400 each.

Forglass. has funded the first 25 scholarships. Other sponsors, who feel that helping young people to better their lives is a worthy cause are welcome to join.

More about Life Plan: