Rapidly-growing Polish company, Forglass, has just completed a complex expansion and modernisation of a batch house, furnace and forehearths for its client.

The scope of the project not only included technological solutions, but also civil works in order to increase melting capacity.

Forglass delivered an additional mixer and two bucket conveyors, providing the redundancy of batch delivery with two independent lines.

Forglass also did a complete rebuild of the furnace together with forehearths and relocated two IS forming machines together with their support structure and utilities.

What was crucial to the client was that all the work on the batch house was performed without stopping production.

To accomplish this, Forglass installed a temporary pneumatic batch transport to the tank silo for the duration of construction.

The result was not only an expanded and modernised glassworks, but also a happy client.

It is a great example of one trusted supplier providing a variety of services.