Dutch process optimisation consultancy group CelSian Glass & Solar will hold four more training courses for the glass industry and its suppliers in March.

From 10th - 11th March, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, CelSian will provide an ‘Introduction to Raw materials and melting.’

The course will focus on the upstream part of the glass making process, from the selection of the raw material to the batch processing and melting.

Common industrial challenges such as carry-over, segregation, and energy consumption will be addressed.

On March 12th to 13th also in Eindhoven, a new expert training on redox, fining and glass quality will take place.

Redox influences all parts of the glass making process: the energy transfer, fining, foaming, quality and colour of glass.

The training will aim to help attendees better diagnose the redox related issues.

From March 17th to 18th, in Sheffield, UK, there will be an ‘Introduction to combustion and emissions.’

This course will aim to give an insight on how to reduce emissions both from the perspective of primary (process-integrated) and secondary (end-of-pipe) techniques.

It will also explain how combustion settings and burner types influence heat transfer and formation of aggressive and polluting species.

And finally on 30th March in Eindhoven, the ‘Introduction to glass defect diagnosis’ course will take place.

This original course mixes hands-on approach to diagnose defects and includes some furnace modelling work to identify the origin of defects and to solve the problems effectively.

To learn more and register for the courses visit https://www.celsian.nl/academy/