A Friends of Glass Facebook app will allow users to browse, share and vote for their favourite recipes presented in glass, with weekly prizes for the most popular.

The app launch comes at a time when healthy living has been branded the ‘new standard of cool and sharing recipes and images of food remains ever popular.

The app is available on Friends of Glass Facebook pages across Europe, boasting nearly 50,000 followers from countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Head of Container Affairs at British Glass and Friends of Glass spokesperson, Rebecca Cocking said: “In reaching out through different channels, we hope to find new ways of engaging with consumers while showing glass continues to move with the times.

"In many ways we’re lucky, supporters of glass are extremely passionate and will readily communicate its qualities as a material.

“We want to take these conversations online, opening discussion and raising wider awareness of the benefits of glass. Essentially we want to ignite an army of glass supporters.”

While it seems more products are being moved from glass into plastic, research shows 74% of consumers prefer to buy their favourite food and drinks in glass (InSites 2010).

Rebecca added: “In harnessing the power of social media, our long-term ambition is to ensure glass packaging remains a choice on the shelves. Not only do customers prefer it, but it remains the best packaging material for health, taste and the environment.”

For more information visit www.friendsofglass.co.uk.