The speakers and presentation titles for Furnace Solutions 11 (FS11) are now available.

The event, to be held on the 9th June at Lucideon, Stoke on Trent, UK, is organised by the Melting Technical Committee (MTC) and this year forms part of the programme of events for the centenary of the Society of Glass Technology (SGT).

The conference is preceded by a training day on the 8th June, which will focus on the topic of ‘Energy and the environment’.

The cost to attend is £120 per person per day plus VAT, with a 50% discount for SGT members.

For those attending both days, the discount covers the cost of SGT membership.

Places will be limited to a maximum of 100, and you can register by visiting:

The conference programme is as follows:

‘ISO5001 – A must have for the glass industry’

Shaun Bainbridge, Lucideon

‘Experience with auxiliary combustion for NOx reduction’

R S Pont, Global Combustion Systems

‘Application of slags and alternative batch compounds in glass batches’

Hans van Limpt, Bart Wilms and Petri Mast, Sibelco Europe

‘Fuel efficient forehearth and distributor systems’

Simon Parkinson, Parkinson-Spencer Refractories

‘CFD based control glass furnace control system based on time transient computer model’

A.F.J.A. Habraken, J.P. van der Dennen and P.J. van Santen, CelSian Glass & Solar B.V

‘Oxygen Injection with a Linde difference’

Alessandro Curti and Neil Simpson

‘Centauro, a solution for glass furnace advanced heat recovery, including a SNCR plant’

Giampaolo Bruno, Ernesto Cattaneo, Giorgio Minestrini, Alessandro Mola, Francesco Prosperi

‘Solutions to practical problems, affecting melting & life, in glass furnaces’

Stuart Hakes, F.I.C. UK

‘Primary NOx reduction on regenerative glass furnaces’

Gary Laird, Elster

‘How fused cast AZS properties influence glass contact behaviour’

Dr Michel Gaubil and Bruno Malphettes, SEFPRO

The organisers have managed to keep costs to attend these events as low as possible due to the generosity of the many sponsors, including Calumite; CelSian; DSF; Elster/Honeywell; FIC; Fives; Fosbel; Glass Technology Services; Global Combustion; Harbison Walker International; IRE; Praxair; PSR; Sibelco; and Tecoglass/Zedtec, in addition to Glass International, Glass Worldwide, IOM3 and, of course, the hosts Lucideon.

Please contact Christine if you would like to sponsor or support events.