Furnace Solutions conference organiser the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) will host this year’s event online.

The two day programme will include six speakers who will discuss the latest trends and topics about furnaces in glass manufacturing.

The SGT said the conference would take place o the afternoons of June 9th and 10th starting at 13.30pm.

SGT President Stuart Hakes said: “We have chosen this timing so that we have the opportunity to link-in easily with our European contingent, as well as hopefully attract interest from the Indian sub-continent and early risers in the USA. We have an exciting set of speakers.”

The programme is as follows:

Wednesday 9th June 2021

1.00pm - Industry 4.0 – Reliable Manufacturing.

Presented by Fred Aker, Sales Director of PaneraTech.

1.30pm – Zippe Control Systems –

Presented by Volker Maier, Head of Sales for Zippe.

2.00pm – The Application of Advanced Sensors in the Glass Industry -

Presented by Rene Meuleman of Celsian.

Thursday 10th June 2021

1.00pm - A Different Approach to Furnace Audits –

The speaker is Hans Mahrenholtz of Glass Service, Czechia.

1.30pm – Alternative Low-Carbon Fuel Technologies for Glass Manufacture. The speaker is Aston Fuller, General Manager of Glass Futures.

2.00pm – Lining Condition Diagnostics in Real Time – The speaker is Steven Reumschuessel, Technical Director of Saveway.