futronic technicians have integrated an additional cooling cycle into the Servo-Take-Out process at the Heinz-Glas headquarters in Kleintettau, Germany.

A 10 section IS-machine from GPS with Servo-Take-Outs (STO) has been in operation at the headquarters plant since April 2015.

Instead of the six usual movement phases the STO-mechanisms now pass through eight at the production line.

Through emitting cooling, the temperature in the glass starts to fall at take-out of the container.

In order to lower the glass temperature before a Heinz-Glas flacon is positioned on the conveyor belt, futronic technicians integrated an additional cooling cycle into the servo-take-out-process, as requested by the customer.

It was important not to affect the timing of the machine and therefore the production process.

“Servo-mechanisms are not insignificant, and in this case the take-out gripper should take positions, which are not even provided for the classical Servo-Take-Out procedure,“ explained Murat Yolaçan, who is responsible for the project at futronic. “But we have managed it.

“Not least due to our control system FMT24S, which offers – independent from the machine manufacturer – freedom and scope for individual solutions.”

Those responsible at Heinz-Glas were impressed and have ordered the fitting of a STO on a second production line, a six section IS-Machine from Bucher Emhart Glass.

The task is to configure and equilibrate FMT24S and the FDU24S drive system in a way that two additional movement phases could be smoothly implemented into the timing and production process, and help to improve glass quality.

Implementation, first tests and commissioning of the system is planned for March 2016.