futronic, a provider of automated solutions for plant and equipment manufacturers, has updated its vacuum control system to detect manufacturing problems before they occur.

Last summer, futronic launched its VCS (Vacuum Control System), which detected manufacturing problems during the vacuum process.

The company's updated VPC (Vacuum Process Control System) makes vacuum cycle processes visible and records pressure curves and errors precisely, as well detecting problems before they occur.

Sensors measure the vacuum applied to each job and compares the value with a set point individually defined for each section. If a discrepancy is determined, the inferior article is ejected from the conveyor belt.

Florian Pawlowski, Product Manager at futronic, said: “Machine operators can keep a constant eye on the functionality and wear condition of the valves, the filters and the blow mould itself in this way. They can react quickly and correct any malfunctions before they result in defects, without having to interrupt production.”

The VCS thus makes a significant contribution to improving the quality of both the products themselves and the manufacturing process.

futronic specialists, with input from technicians at Heye International, further developed the VCS to detect issues such as ‘bird swing’ – a critical and dangerous defect, which appears threadlike inside glass containers.

The VPC option is due to become available in April 2022. The system can be integrated into the FMT24S IS machine control system or retrofitted to existing equipment and will also be available as a standalone version.