Turkish glass manufacturer GCA has made its website more accessible, in line with its digitalisation investments.

Developing projects to provide equal, accessible, and professional service to all its users, particularly disabled and elderly individuals, GCA has completed its ‘accessible website’ project, a significant part of these initiatives.

With the digital transformation implemented by GCA to create equal opportunities on the internet, all users will be able to benefit equally from the website.

GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret emphasised the glass producer wants to bring liberating technologies to wider audiences.

Dr. Gayret said: "An accessible website will allow not only disabled people but also older individuals to browse the site at the same productivity and benefit level as all users.

“At GCA, we believe in the importance of creating equal opportunities on the internet for those who need assistive technologies in computer use and take pride in achieving this."

Dr. Gayret added: "With the transformation we have made on our website, all visitors in need, especially disabled and elderly users, will be able to adjust contrast and font settings using the widget on our site.

“Thus, even disabled users without their screen reading programmes will be able to navigate our site comfortably.

“Our site is also designed to enable customised keyboard use in menus and windows.

"As a company that believes in creating equal opportunities on the internet for those who need assistive technologies in computer use, we will continue to develop such projects."

Volkan İnanç, the agency president responsible for GCA's accessibility processes, said: "According to the data of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, it is estimated that approximately 7% of the population in Turkey has at least one disability.

“This corresponds to approximately 5 million people. This high rate is more than many of us estimate.

"Moreover, many of these individuals work from their homes or, even if they don't work, establish contact with the outside world through computers and the internet.

“At this point, the importance of usable and accessible websites becomes evident. As an agency, we worked together with the GCA team to make gca.com both usable and accessible.”