Turkish glass manufacturer GCA will provide two keynote presentations at next month’s Glassman Europe event in Istanbul, Turkey.

The General Manager of the Turkish container and tableware glass manufacturer, Dr Abdullah Gayret, will speak on behalf of the company and give an overview of the group’s sustainability efforts.

In a second presentation, Dr Gayret, who is a board member of the European Container Glass Federation, FEVE, will provide a paper on behalf of the federation titled the Future of Packaging – Glass Fit for the Future?

The synopsis of this paper is as follows:

'As any other business player today, the European glass container sector is directly confronted by a contingency situation created by the COVID crisis first, the following aftershock and the subsequent rapid rebound in the economy (spiralling inflation and energy costs, raw materials shortages and disruptions to European logistics, and now the war in Ukraine dramatically impacting energy costs which are today multiple times higher than before the war and continue to increase.

'In such a crisis context, as an industry we can’t slow our investment pace in the transition towards a climate-neutral society and weaken our commitment to the future.

'How is the European Glass Container Industry coping in this difficult context? Is glass still the packaging of choice for the market place and for consumers? How is it adapting to the climate-neutral and circular future world we all are called to switch to? GCA General Manager and member of the FEVE Board - PhD. Abdullah Gayret will bring a European perspective and answer to these questions.'

The Glassman Europe event is a combined trade show and conference focused on the hollow glass manufacturing industry.

It takes place on February 8 and 9 at the ICEC venue in Istanbul. The event website is https://glassmanevents.com/eur...

The trade show consists of glass technology suppliers which provide equipment to all parts of a glass facility, such as furnace builders, lehr providers, inspection equipment suppliers and cold end solutions.

Dr Gayret is anticipated to speak on February 8.