The glass industry in Germany is cautiously optimistic following the release of an Interim report of the Gas Commission in Berlin last week.

BV Glas President Dr. Frank Heinricht is now hoping for a timely implementation through politics.

“The energy-intensive glass industry urgently needs it instructed that energy becomes affordable again and with it their competitiveness in Germany is maintained.

“The suggestions of the interim report published today go in the right direction, but still have to be supplemented by an electricity price brake so that the companies will be relieved extensively.”

The Bundesverband Glasindustrie represents the economic policy interests of the glass manufacturing industry in Germany.

These include the areas of flat glass, container glass, industrial glass, glass fibers, special glass as well as glass processing and finishing.

The German glass industry has around 400 companies with 54,000 employees.

Total sales in 2021 were around €10.2 billion.