The biennial Aachen Reinforced Symposium will take place from 11th – 13th May 2020 in Aachen, Germany and will look at the field of reinforcement fibre production and composite manufacturing.

Over 180 international guests will take in more than 40 presentations over the three days.

The symposium builds on the long time success of the International Glass Fiber Symposium and the Symposium for Tailored Carbon Fibres.

Both events are now combined into the new Aachen Reinforced symposium, catering to a large audience of experts.

Aachen Reinforced is said to be the only symposium that focuses on the fibre production from raw materials to finished products.

The aim of the symposium is to serve as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on carbon and glass fibre.

This is as well as composite technology from raw materials to final applications.

Parallel sessions will be held on glass and carbon fibre production in an intimate and small setting.

In subsequent joint sessions on the fibre-matrix interface and composite materials, the carbon and glass fibre industries will come together to conclude the symposium.