Germany will celebrate its Day of German Beer on April 23.

On 23 April, Germany will celebrate the Day of German Beer. The popularity of the barley juice with German consumers remains as strong as ever: the average per capita consumption last year was 107 litres, which was an increase on previous years.

Sales of beer bottles rose by 12.1% last year. The growth can be attributed mainly to the football World Cup in the summer and high temperatures.

For 80% of beers the type of packaging is glass. Why is beer in glass bottles so popular? Glass prevents the beer from tasting flat - even over a long period of time. In addition, glass is virtually inert, which means there is no interaction between content and packaging and the beer retains its essential quality feature: the purity.

Environmentally, glass has a lot to offer.

Beer is filled for the most part in reusable glass containers. This can be refilled up to 50 times, before they are recycled. There they are used as raw material for new glass packaging, because glass can be re-melted again and again.

Glass packaging consists on average of 60% recycled glass, green packaging even up to 90%. Through the use of recycled glass fewer raw materials are needed and energy is saved, which is good for the environment and the climate and conserves natural resources.

Beer in glass bottles tastes good, looks good and is good for the environment - and not only on the day of German beer, but throughout the year.