Gerresheimer Bünde has put its first combined heat and power (CHP) plant into operation, resulting in energy savings and lower emissions.

The plant has been built in collaboration with the Westfalen Weser energy services company.

The CHP was manufactured by Sokratherm, and is used for the decentralised production of electrical power and heat, in accordance with the heat and power co-generation principle.

The 570 HP truck engine at the heart of the plant is gas operated and generates around 400kWh of electricity.

The operation of the engine also generates 520kWh of heat, which is recovered by a system of heat exchangers and is used for heating and hot water supply.

The advantage of this technology is that power and heat can be efficiently generated at the site itself without transportation losses.

The overall efficiency is around 90%, meaning the majority of the energy used can be recovered.

“The CHP is helping us to reduce our primary energy consumption and our CO2 emissions,“ explained Olaf Posteher, the Energy Manager responsible for the CHP at Gerresheimer Bünde.

“We can save up to 1,480t of CO2 every year. That’s almost 50% of the old system’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Posteher, who is delighted with the new system.

The ISO 50001 energy management system that was also recently introduced at the facility demonstrates Gerresheimer Bünde’s continued commitment to introducing even more efficient and green technologies over coming years.

Feasibility studies are currently being implemented at the Bünde plant for two further CHPs that will be able to generate process steam and cooling in addition to power and heat.