Pharmaceutical and packaging glass manufacturer Gerresheimer has opened an innovation and technology centre in the USA.

Company CEO Dietmar Siemssen opened the centre located in Vineland, New Jersey, USA at a customer event with more than 100 participants.

The company said it will intensify glass innovations as well as optimise all its processes to enable its global network of plants to make pharmaceutical glass of the highest quality.

The team will work on new products, further digitisation, process capabilities and camera inspection systems.

It said there were clear benefits to pooling development capacity at a single site.

There, 25 experts and engineers who specialise in glass technology will work together on innovation in a setting conducive to collaboration thanks to an open-plan office, project and meeting rooms, allowing interactive co-working with customers onsite.

The centre is the first of its kind for Gerresheimer Primary Packaging Glass and was built next to the tubular glass converting plant in Vineland.

It means the centre can develop new products and processes very close to a production site, involving the operational expertise of the engineers at that plant.

“We will bundle our glass expertise and all our experts to develop new products and technologies, together with our customers in one place.

"Among those enhanced value propositions for our customers are Gx Elite Glass, ready-to-fill vials, strengthened glass and much more to come,” said Mr Siemssen, CEO.

Pic: CEO Dietmar Siemssen (center), CFO Dr. Bernd Metzner (right) and Gary Waller (left), President Gerresheimer Glass Inc., opening the new Gx Glass Innovation and Technology Center.