Gerresheimer Shuangfeng has two reasons to celebrate in 2016.

Firstly, it was founded 30 years ago in April, and secondly it has been operating successfully in the Chinese market as a Gerresheimer joint venture for 10 years.

The Chinese plant in Shuangfeng (pictured) comprises three tubular glass-converting facilities in Danyang and Zhenjiang. The Danyang I facility was built 30 years ago and is 220km from Shanghai. It is also the headquarters.

With the help of Gerresheimer’s technologies, funding and market reputation, Shuangfeng has been able to build its business and adopt western standards over the past ten years.

Shuangfeng also has the Gerresheimer Management System (GMS), which involves annual audits to ensure compliance with Gerresheimer-wide best practice standards.

Shuangfeng uses the same machines as the German, Mexican and Polish sister plants, and many of the Chinese employees were trained in the use of the machines at those sister plants.

Further investments are also planned at the plant to upgrade the machine park and install new camera systems so that further quality improvements can be achieved.