The association GIMAV participated in the Italian Technology Awards for the 3rd consecutive year.

The 2018 winners, a delegation of Canadian and US students, and two of their professors attended the awards in Italy.

The initial study day was at Villa Del Grumello in Como. This was then followed by a visit to ComoNExT, Digital Innovation Hub and start-up incubator, the Glassworking Group.

The first visit took place at Neptun in Rovello Porro in Como, on 7th November, which was led by Matteo Rolla, Managing Director.

Mr Rolla said: “We were thrilled to participate in this programme because, if we want to maintain the vitality of our industry, handfuls of seeds must be sown for one to take root. For us, the greatest satisfaction was their amazement over the production, in a single pass, of a polished bevel with 2 mm edge on 25 mm glass, starting from a raw edge. From the surprise on their faces, I am pleased to conclude that there is a bit of magic in our industry.”

GIMAV provided a general description of the ‘pre-processing’ area where the Neptun lines are located. Then it used slides and videos to delve deeper into the concepts and various applications of edging and arrising, drilling and milling, as well as washing, as a crucial prerequisite to other processes.

The delegates then visited OCMI-OTG in Milan. The Glassworking Group also travelled to the Veneto region to visit ADI in Thiene.

Dino Zandonella Necca, CEO of ADI, said: “Confident of the value of this programme, we were pleased to host the delegation of American students, in terms of training future managers and to expose them to companies that are quite different from those in America. We were extremely pleased with the lively interest in the topics discussed, clearly evident in the students’ and professors’ expressions, above all in light of their professional expectations.”

The group then travelled to Trento to visit Deltamax Automazione, hosted by Piero Consolati. The tour continued at the Finglas glass processing plant, where the guests were able to view the Deltamax Artifical Vision GlassInspector systems in operation.

The delegation concluded the educational tour by visiting the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (SSV) headquarters on 9th November in Murano, Venice.

Laura Biason, Director of GIMAV, said: “Every year the feedback from the students and faculty is enthusiastic, and reaffirms the importance of the programme and motivates us to continue on this path of hospitality and partnership with international universities.”

Pictured: North American delegation’s visit