Gimav has reported an overall 3.75% increase in sales compared to the previous fiscal year.

The data shows there was a 2.08% increase in flat glass sales, confirming robust growth in the domestic market (+8.54%) and a 1.04% rise in exports.

Hollow glass had a 5.57% increase in overall sales, thanks to the driving influence of exports (+6.69%), which compensated for the slight drop in domestic sales (-0.6%), partly influenced by uncertainties about the continuation of the Industry 4.0 Plan.

The sector’s trade balance experienced a 1.2% gain, and topped the billion-euro marked last year.

The latest accounting periods also demonstrated modest but steady growth in employment numbers (+2.82%).

International customers continued to prefer Italian-made products, which led to a 3.04% increase in exports in 2018, with a 1.04% growth figure for flat glass and a +6.69% for hollow glass.

Michele Gusti, Gimav Presidentsaid: “Once again, the sizable share of exports confirms that the quality and reputation for excellence of Italian technological solutions are sought-after qualities valued around the world.

“The proof is in exports’ 78.13% share of the industry’s overall sales, which peaked at 85% in the hollow glass sector”.

The European continent continued to be ranked as the number-one market for Italy’s production, claiming 45% of the sales. Of this share, 37.44% was exported to EU countries. The United States was the leading country-client for Italian-made industry products – with an 11% share of global sales – followed by Poland, Mexico, Germany and China.