On 14-17 April, China Glass in Shanghai will tell us if the efforts being made by the Chinese government to maintain a 7.5% growth rate and to spur domestic market expansion will be sufficient to support the necessary investments in quality machinery.

China Glass has been the preferred destination for Gimav and Italian member companies, with a huge participation once again this year.

The same also goes for Glass South America in May and for Mir Stekla in June, even if the difficulties are far greater in this case.

Brazil in particular is weathering a strong devaluation of its currency which will possibly lead to a slowdown in imports, whereas Russia will continue to deal with excellent investment potential but lack of credit. Then Glastec in Düsseldorf in October will feel the pulse of Europe.

The overall situation is not an easy one and requires a great deal of tenacity and entrepreneurial farsightedness to be well-managed.

After our return from the three exhibitions we may have a clearer picture of this year which is forcing us to play on a chessboard where Europe is struggling to regain lost momentum and on the other, the BRIC countries are coming to terms with new models of development.