Glass for Europe has enlarged in size to include European representatives of building glass transformers and processors.

During its 55th anniversary celebration it also unveiled its new visual identity (pictured).

Glass for Europe has five global flat glass manufacturers as members. It has now been joined by national partners from thousands of companies from all across Europe, mostly SMEs. These process and transform flat glass into energy efficient glazing products for buildings, safety glass, mirrors and decorative glass.

This enlargement to glass processors and transformers means Glass for Europe now represents the entire flat glass value-chain in Europe, in all its diversity.

Dr Reha Akcakaya, Chairman of Glass for Europe and President Flat Glass Sisecam, said: “This move is there to support a strong flat glass sector in the EU.

"It will reinforce Glass for Europe as a centre of expertise and as an industry hub to the benefit of all actors of the value-chain. Flat glass manufacturers, transformers and processors now work together to address and overcome the industry’s challenges.”

Among these challenges are the deployment of ever-better performing flat glass products, be it energy- saving glazing solutions, building integrated photovoltaic glass or cutting-edge safety glass components for tomorrow’s clean and automated vehicles.

Equally, ensuring the effective recycling of glass waste, accelerating the decarbonisation of industrial operations, and supporting digitalisation are key to the future of the sector.

It is with a view to progress even faster in all these fields that the flat glass value- chain comes together in Glass for Europe.