Glass for Europe has welcomed a consultation on the Renovation Wave initiative for public and private buildings.

In its answer, Glass for Europe stressed the key role of renovation to exit the economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building renovation has a well-documented and massive spill over effect on jobs and public finances, which is essential at the time of recovering from an economic shock.

The construction industry is said to be one of the most hit sectors at all levels.

Innovative financial mechanisms commensurate with the EU Green Recovery Plan are urgently needed to restart.

The creation of an adequately allocated Renovation Fund to finance public and private renovation projects could support the relaunch of the construction sector value chain, and allow the decarbonisation of the EU building stock by 2050.

Doubling the windows’ replacement rate with adequate glazing specifications could reduce the energy consumption by 14% and related CO2 emissions in just ten years.

Glass for Europe says this is urgent to ensure that high-performance glazing is installed as of now to ensure long-lasting savings.

To Glass for Europe, setting an EU-wide financial scheme and a dedicated roadmap for replacing single glazed and early uncoated double-glazed windows with adequately specified windows, is a wise and essential step to make our buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable.

An EU renovation wave must pave the way for such plans, either developed at EU or national levels.