Glass Futures Design Team Member Peter Firth* will discuss the company’s IS Machine development at the Glassman USA conference in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Glass Futures is providing the World’s First Global Centre of Excellence for R&D, Innovation and Training in Glass.

At the Glassman USA conference, on June 6-7, the company will reveal how it is supporting a new concept of IS Machine development by T&T Turnov from the Czech Republic.

T&T’s most fundamental development objective is to provide maximum glass container production flexibility and productivity.

The chosen IS Machine R&D partner will provide an open-access IS Machine Bed to embrace “Guest Sections” from any current mainstream suppliers interested to be involved at the Glass Futures site.

A serious expression of interest to supply a “Guest Section” is already being welcomed from FAMA by Virto. Technical discussions about integrating their section into the IS Machine are now underway.

The Glass Futures Open Facility will provide IS Machine Manufacturing partners with a UK Base for forming machinery demonstration and training.

The facility can also be used to support future radical R&D developments by enabling testing under glass, without the pressure of working in a commercial production environment.

This all contributes to fulfilling Glass Future’s objective to accelerate innovation within global glass manufacturing; being achieved by delivering and supporting new technologies, enabling world-class training, and demonstrating new resource-efficient processes.

The R&D facility, located in St Helens (UK), will bridge the gap between research and commercial implementation and Glass Futures is currently exploring exciting opportunities to engage across the glass supply chain.

In the Glassman USA presentation on day two of the conference, several of the main features of the new concept IS Machine development will be revealed. Further details about the new European Start-up IS Machine manufacturer, T&T Turnov, will also be presented. Key timescales to the development work and envisaged deployment of the first development section will be shown too.

Come along and find out more, including how you and your company can benefit by becoming a member of Glass Futures and gaining access to this unique, world’s first Glass R&D open facility.


Peter, now aged 59, started his working life in the glass container manufacturing industry shortly after leaving school at the age of 17.

Throughout his career, he has worked at glass manufacturers such as Beatson Clark and Ardagh Glass. He also has a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) First Class Honours Degree in Electronic Systems and Control Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, and achieved the professional status of Chartered Engineer (CEng), by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and recognised by the Engineering Council in the UK.

In April 2020, Peter left his employment with Ardagh and has been working freelance as a Glass Container Manufacturing Consultant for various organisations. Some of his consulting work since May 2020 has been with Glass Futures Ltd in the UK, working on the World’s First Global Centre of Excellence for R&D, Innovation and Training in Glass.

He is a regular glass advisory presence within the glass community on LinkedIn and is the Creator and Owner of the LinkedIn groups of “Glass Container Defects and Production Matters”, and “Glass Jobs 4 Glass People”. Additionally, he has his own Company Page on LinkedIn called “Glass Container Manufacturing Consulting Ltd” (GCMC).

You can learn more and connect with Peter direct on LinkedIn by clicking here or visit the company website