Global glass research and development organisation Glass Futures will provide the latest update of its activity during a webinar.

Aston Fuller, General Manager, will deliver the latest news from the global centre of glass excellence and explain how the activities being undertaken will provide benefits to the global glass industry.

Glass Futures: An open invitation to the global glass industry takes place tomorrow, October 20, at 15:00 BST, 16:00 CET, 10:00 Eastern.

Glass Futures is creating a global centre of excellence in glass manufacturing in the UK, which will include a 30 tonne per day furnace and open access glass research manufacturing and training facility.

Its partners include glass manufacturers such as O-I, Encirc and Guardian Glass, suppliers such as Siemens, Tecoglass and Land Ametek and academic institutions such as The University of Cambridge and Sheffield Hallam University.

It has already been awarded £7.1 million from the UK Government to investigate low-carbon fuel technologies for the glass sector.

This talk will outline the steps required for companies or individuals to begin actively collaborating with Glass Futures and the next key steps in the development of Glass Futures.

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