Glass International has been named best international media group by the organiser of the Mir Stekla exhibition.

The decision was made by the heads of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the owner of ‘Expocentre’, which hosts the annual Mir Stekla exhibition.

A meeting was attended by Vice-President of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir P. Strashko, and the General Director of the Expocentre, Sergey S. Bednov.

The meeting highlighted the centre’s activities over the past year and celebrated the media. Glass International was the only overseas title to receive an award.

It is the general international media sponsor of the Mir Stekla exhibition, which is the largest in Russia and one of the industry’s biggest glass events.

A total of 10 media houses received a diploma from the Expocentre. Alex Gurov, Glass International’s correspondent in Moscow received the award from Mr. Bednov ‘for active and highly professional coverage of the exhibition Mir Stekla-2014 by Glass International UK’.